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Free professional legal advice on UK road traffic law from specialist motoring solicitors.

We help motorists keep driving;

95% successfully deffended Our solicitors currently successfully defend over 95% of our clients accused of motoring offences.
94% keep thier driving licence We help over 94% of our clients keep their licences when at risk of a ban.
94% of new drivers avoid revocation of their licence We help over 94% of our new driver clients avoid licence revocation.
we reclaim 100% of client costs every time we win a case We have a 100 % success rate in getting our clients their costs back from the court when we win.

Send us a question on any aspect of road traffic law and we will give you a free answer and do our best to keep you driving.

The Aim of the Driver Defence Service.

Our aim is simple. We want to provide the most comprehensive online motoring law advice site for drivers facing allegations of road traffic offences. We will give you all the UK motoring law advice you will ever need. We will try and make that advice simple and understandable at all times. We want you to know what the law says and to be able to defend yourself if you so choose.

This service is free and comes from expert road traffic lawyers. It is not the same as the advice that you get from road traffic sites based on chat forums - the quality of information on these sites is frequently inaccurate and misleading. We are experts in motoring law. We want to stop drivers getting themselves into more trouble by using dodgy information that they have found on the internet. All the advice on the Driver Defence Service is based on our expert application of current UK road traffic legislation, nothing more, nothing less.

Our site is growing all the time.

Bookmark the Driver Defence Service and use it at a resource for you, your friends and family.

Help us to spread the word and make sure that your friends and family only get accurate, up to date information about UK road traffic law.

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At the Driver Defence Service (DDS) we care about you and your ability to drive.

We recognise that when decent hard working members of the community lose their driving licences the effects on their families and jobs can be devastating and disproportionate.

Road traffic laws are there for a good reason and should be respected, but we are conscious that they can be onerous and lead to ruined businesses, loss of employment and disrupted family life.

You should never plead guilty to a motoring offence without first checking with our experts whether or not your offence is defendable.

Even if you're not at risk of an immediate driving ban, accepting penalty points for an offence to which you have a defence, could place you at significant risk of a 6 month "totting ban" in the future, or a new driver's licence being revoked. In fact, we know people who have accumulated 12 points, all for low level speeding offences, in just 2 months!

It may sound too good to be true, but it's not....If you have a question about any aspect of UK motoring law then e-mail us a question and one of our expert road traffic solicitors will email you a reply with 24 hours.

The service is fast and free and you will receive genuine comprehensive advice regarding the problem that you have.

Contact us - we specialise in free advice in relation to;

arrow right Penalty points bans / totting bans
arrow right Discretionary disqualifications
arrow right Speeding allegations
arrow right Allegations of failing to provide driver identity (NIP's / notices of intended prosecution)
arrow right No insurance cases
arrow right Driving without due care allegations
arrow right Failing to stop and failing to report allegations

No driving licence allegations

All other road traffic offences

Ask a question 24/7 and get an email answer from a solicitor for free of charge within 24 hours!!

No catches, no hidden charges, no gimics. What have you got to lose - apart from your licence.

We can help keep you driving.


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Are you at risk of a ban from driving? Are you about to accumulate 12 points within a three year period? We can and will help.

DDS - working to keep you driving.

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  • We can help with genuine free expert solicitors advice in relation any aspect of road traffic law

  • Simply ask a question by email and we aim to respond within 24 hours

  • We don't claim to find "loop holes" - we are experts at understanding and applying  UK motoring law, and we will advise you how to get the best possible outcome

  • We won't encourage you to be dishonest or deceitful (unlike some websites) which can lead to a prison sentence for perverting the course of justice 

  • Road traffic legislation changes regularly.  We will give you simple and up to date advice to help you deal with a difficult situation

  • Just ask a question and we are sure that you will be pleased with the advice that our team of dedicated solicitors provide you.

  • No catches, no gimmicks, no compromise


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